My story

Hi, I’m Tim Kroeger, the creator of Universal Traveller.

Born and raised in a small village in Germany, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life after finishing school - all I knew is that I wanted to travel and explore the world.

A two-week trip to Egypt further ignited my desire to travel, so I enrolled in international tourism management at a Netherlands university as it involved studying in different countries. This opportunity led me to my first big backpacking trip through Southeast Asia, during which my desire to travel only grew stronger, so I decided to hitchhike from Germany, to Spain, to Morocco, living on less than $10 per day.

​My studies also took me to Bali, Bangkok, and a one-year internship in Costa Rica, which helped me gain firsthand experience in the world of tourism and hospitality, which is where my interest in luxury hotels began. After graduating from university, I became a flight attendant, a job that allowed me to travel the world and enjoy discounted airline tickets.

However, I realized I wanted to write my own journey and somehow make money independently.

I started an 'old school' online travel blog (these were the days before TikTok even existed!) sharing my adventures, photos, and stories, hoping to turn it into a source of income - though I wasn't quite sure how. Despite having close to no readership (only my family and friends), and overhead costs like website domain fees, I didn't give up.

My turning point came unexpectedly at a travel blogging conference in Bangkok in 2015. A fellow blogger, who I met on the road, suggested I attend and what I learned set me on a path formalize and professionalize my business.

Following that, I decided to knuckle down and invest in my knowledge. Over the years, I attended countless travel conferences, purchased and studied online courses, and networked with influencers. I was non-stop watching tutorials, reading books, and listening to podcasts, all part of my long-term plan to monetize my online presence. Securing my first collaboration with a luxury hotel in Bangkok was a significant milestone, and I was over the moon.

Though I faced numerous challenges, like Google updates negatively impacting blog traffic and drops in social media followers, these experiences make me even more proud of my journey today. Now, I’ve traveled the world full-time for 14 years, founded two successful companies, and collaborated with over 100 luxury brands.

I live life on my terms, making money while doing what I love most, and I’m dedicated to helping you achieve the same.

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